Social Media Marketing

An Interactive Social Media CampaignSocial Media

In today’s world, customers are not just looking for companies they can buy from — they want companies they can communicate with, companies that interact with their communities. Without social media, it’s difficult to stay on top of customer engagement. ITS provides three pillars of social media services in order to make sure that your company can connect with its client base.

Build a Community with Content Posting

A social media page without content that updates consistently is like a book cover without pages. We can post everything from new promotions to industry news to your various social media pages, and we make sure to keep track of what leaders in your industry are saying. Watch as your prominence in the community grows with each step we take in your buzz-worthy campaign.

Be More Than Just a Dead Page

If someone tweets you, are you enabled to tweet back? We take the reins on your social media and respond to anyone engaging with your sites, whether it’s your Facebook page or G+. We can strike a tone that is fun yet professional, and will post polls, infographics, and questions in order to get a conversation started with your company at the center.

Take Charge of Your Reputation

Reputation management is often an under-rated aspect of social media engagement, especially considering that 72% of consumers trust an online review as much as the word of a friend. We don’t take commentary for granted — we scan various social media sites for references to your business in order to promote the great, deal with the bad, and talk to the people who are mentioning your company in one way or another.