Cloud Services and Support


Do you feel buried by your IT?

Maybe it’s time to elevate your business to the cloud!

Is Cloud Computing right for your business? Adopting a Cloud infrastructure offers many advantages to the right kind of organization. However, determining if Cloud Computing makes sense for your organization is not a decision to take lightly. Regulatory concerns, data security and cost are major factors to consider. We are here to help you evaluate and examine whether or not your company should “take to the Cloud”.


The Cloud Overview

Top Benefits of Moving To the Could

Cost Savings – the ability to only pay for what is being used and not what you may need later. You also can avoid large capital expenses and instead have manageable monthly payments

Flexibility & Scalability – quickly meet business needs as they arise.

Integration & Collaboration – most companies use a mix of technologies. Taking to the cloud could provide a common platform for collaboration for infrastructure services, data, management, identity and development.

Work From Anywhere – get access to your data from anywhere, become more responsive and provide service from beyond your four walls.

User Control – use Active Directory to alleviate the stress and compliance headaches that BYOD can cause your organization. Have seamless cross-cloud authentication with Single Sign On (SSO) allowing personalization, compliance, security of data and empowerment of users to draw insight from data and information within the business. A single environment to manage your user accounts and credentials across a multitude of devices saves time and allows you control.

Document Control – allowing employees to easily access and collaborate on documents securely and in real-time increases efficiency while maintaining security.

Big Data – get more detailed data quicker by being able to pull together different strands of information from a multiplicity of sources and through advanced analytics, to present business managers with a range of information about your customers.

Disaster Recovery – be able to resolve disaster recovery issues in a much quicker time frame.

Automatic Software Updates – no need to worry about software upgrades, licensing fees or bug fixes.

Security – offers the ability to perform automatic backups, multi-factor authentication, physical protection, advanced encryption, provides identity & access management controls along with penetration testing and enables continuous auditing for complete visibility of your infrastructure, which allows for improved compliance with IT security industry standards, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.


Whether your company is interested in just moving part or all of its IT infrastructure or services to the cloud, ITS – Integrated Technology Services delivers a robust and comprehensive suite of IT cloud services and support with solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific infrastructure, performance, and cost requirements of your business.

ITS – Integrated Technology Services is here to lift your company with Cloud Services and Support.