Governor of North Carolina Calls for Department of Information Technology

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

onsite computer servicesIn today’s society, computer usage is an integral part of our daily lives. For example, statistics show that 60 billion emails are sent every day (97% of which are spam). Likewise, an estimated 93% of all internet experiences now begin with a search engine. Because of these behaviors, many companies have wisely chosen to invest in onsite computer services, such as IT consulting or teams of computer repair technicians. For most businesses, this computer support is an invaluable service that helps keep operations running smoothly. But despite this, few likely expected information technology to be mentioned in the North Carolina governor’s State of the State Address.

And yet this is exactly what happened: on Wednesday, February 4, Governor Pat McCrory specifically called for the state of North Carolina to create a cabinet-level department of information technology. This proposition was part of McCrory’s overall plan to reorganize state agencies and handle issues that affect multiple departments, such as the need for advanced computer services.

Over the next two years, McCrory called for lawmakers to make a number of changes that called for better usage of IT services. He asked for the state legislation to focus on creating jobs, providing needed job training for both students and adults, connecting rural and urban areas through highway systems and Internet access, upgrading health and public safety sectors, and improving government efficiency. All of these goals could naturally benefit from improved onsite computer services, such as improved health resources and safer information services.

In response to the governor’s proposals, critics accused McCrory of failing to deliver promised savings and efficiencies. The Democratic House Minority Leader, Larry Hall, also said the state needs to focus more on teachers and the middle class, pointing out that many in the region were still struggling to access basic necessities, like school supplies. However, McCrory’s Department of Information Technology could be a wise investment in future safety: studies show that the federal government has suffered almost a 680% increase in cyber security breaches in the past six years.

Integrated Technology Services Inc. Introduces Clients to Avaya’s New Video Conferencing System, Scopia

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Charleston, SC (PRWEB) January 15, 2015

Chief Strategy Officer, Fritz Brown of Integrated Technology Services Inc., along with their clients, attend partner company Avaya’s Blue Zone Scopia Experience to get a first-hand glimpse at Avaya’s newest video conferencing system.

The IT specialists at Integrated Technology Services Inc. (ITS) recently attended the Avaya Blue Zone Scopia Experience to get a glimpse at the latest in video conferencing technology — and invited some of their clients to join as well.

Fritz Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, says he invited Integrated Technology Services’ clients to attend the event so they could get an idea of what partner company Avaya can do for them.

“We encouraged our clients to attend this event so they could see Scopia in action and show them what this product could possibly do for them,” Brown says. “We partnered with Avaya because of the levels of regulatory-compliant security they provide, along with their fully-integrated unified communications systems. Their level of quality isn’t matched by anyone else. We hoped this kind of event would show this to our clients.”

The Avaya Blue Zone Scopia Experience was hosted by the Avaya territory manager, Katie Hoppmann during the final football game between the University of North Carolina — whose home stadium is at Avaya-sponsored Kenan Memorial Stadium — and NC State.

“It was a very big game,” Brown says. “It was televised, and plenty of people were able to see and use the product. Before the game, student athletes were able to video conference with their parents long-distance; different stations were set up inside the facility for Avaya guests to view the product firsthand as well. Overall, it was a great way to promote Scopia.”

Scopia is a regulatory-compliant video conferencing system, meaning it offers unmatched levels of security important to clients like attorneys, doctors, accountants and other similar professions.

“There are extra levels of security to make sure that the system is completely secure while communicating over the Internet,” Brown explains. “Another cool thing about Scopia is you can join any meeting easily from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.”

Integrated Technology Services invited clients like Dr. Jeremy M. Stipkala, an intellectual property attorney and managing partner of Thrive IP® (, and Codey Stipkala, a real estate agent in the North Charleston area ( Brown says they both got to experience first-hand how Scopia’s video conferencing system works. They also got an exclusive tour of the stadium’s facilities, including its gym and weight rooms, and even got to sit on the sidelines with the football players during warm-ups.

“The entire event was a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience for us and our clients,” Brown says. “Not many people are able to tour these facilities and get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in a college football stadium, especially on the day of a big game.”

Brown says this kind of event is just one of the many benefits that Integrated Technology Services and its clients have seen since partnering with Avaya in August.

“After only being partnered with Avaya for less than six months, we are already thrilled with the success of their products for our clients,” Brown says. “We are happy to be able to provide our clients with a product like Scopia that is so advantageous to so many different industries, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Avaya.”

“We partnered with Avaya because of the levels of regulatory-compliant security  they provide, along with their fully-integrated unified communications systems. Their level of quality isn’t matched by anyone else.”

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IT Managed Services: What They Are, and What They Can Do for Your Business

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it managed services
Ever since the early 1990s, when computers were first used on a wide scale, there have been efforts to improve network protocol, security, and management in business’ computer systems. This network management protocol may have been the first-ever example of managed services in IT!

These days, everyone in the tech world is talking about IT managed services — but do you know what they really are, or what they can do for you?

Unlike the traditional break-fix mentality in IT — which only brings in an IT maintenance professional when something isn’t working, and results in huge inefficiencies — IT managed services are a continuous monitoring of your computer systems’ health that can often prevent problems before they have a chance to happen, keeping risk and uncertainty at bay.

If you still find yourself asking “What are managed services?” more often than not, here’s a list of the four most essential managed services that can revolutionize and optimize your business through proactively protecting your computer networks:

Managed anti-virus services
Viruses, worms, and spyware can bring your computer network to its knees without the right anti-virus protection in place. A managed anti-virus service proactively guards against these threats to your computer systems by centralizing the deployment and updating of your software.

Third-party patching
Many businesses rely on third-party applications on an everyday basis. With IT managed services, these applications can be kept running in top condition, as managed services ensure that all your business’ applications are up to date.

Windows patching
Windows is the most popular software system for businesses — and with IT managed services, your business’ Windows systems and PCs can be maintained with the most up-to-date system patches, security features, and more.

24/7 advanced performance monitoring
In addition to all the above services, a typical managed services package will include around-the-clock monitoring for optimal network performance. This performance monitoring allows your network to function reliably, with no downtime due to crashes or errors.

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North Korea Among Suspects in Recent Sony Hack

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network security systems

The new James Franco and Seth Rogen film “The Interview” is set to hit theaters later this month, but not everyone was happy about it.

Because the movie centers around Franco and Rogen’s characters setting up an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in order to carry out a CIA plot to assassinate him, the government of North Korea spoke out against the film’s release. The government in Pyongyang decried the movie as an “act of war,” and threatened to take military action if the movie was released.

That’s why many thought it was only logical that when Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio behind “The Interview,” revealed that its network security systems were hacked on November 24, North Korea was the culprit.

According to the <i “>New York Times, the still-un-identified hackers leaked five full feature films, including Sony’s upcoming remake of “Annie,” onto illegal Internet file-sharing sites, as well as confidential internal information including executive salaries.

After learning of the attack, Sony Pictures shut down its computers and network security systems and required employees to do their work with pen and paper. The hack was especially crippling to Sony, as leaked documents revealed that 17 Sony executives earned pre-bonus salaries exceeding $1 million, The New York Times reports.

However, North Korea has denied being behind the cyber attack. According to the Washington Post, Pyongyang’s government didn’t take responsibility for the hack, but called it a “righteous deed” that was likely carried out by “supporters and sympathizers” on the country’s behalf.

The Sony hack is still under investigation by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, Reuters reports. Despite the cyber attack, Sony is still going through with the theatrical release of “The Interview” on December 25.

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Integrated Technology Services Inc. Becomes Corporate Sponsor for Community Outreach Program HALOS

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Integrated Technology Services Inc. Becomes Corporate Sponsor for Community Outreach Program HALOS

Charleston-based information technology and computer repair company continues its work with the surrounding community by sponsoring HALOS, a program that assists abused and neglected children and their guardians


On Friday, Nov. 14, Integrated Technology Services Inc. (ITS) announced its corporate sponsorship of HALOS (Helping and Lending Outreach Support), a community outreach program that works with abused, neglected and at-risk children in Charleston County.

Tiffiny Hladczuk, President, says the choice to become a sponsor of HALOS was an obvious one, because she and husband Michael Hladczuk have already been working to help children in the community for a long time.

“Michael and I are foster parents; we volunteer as mentors at Eagle Harbor Ranch, and have served as volunteers in the child care, foster care and adoption arena together for more than 17 years,” Hladczuk says. “ITS is built on giving. We give to our customers, team members and to our community.”

Hladczuk says Integrated Technology Services Inc. will help HALOS in a number of ways as its new corporate sponsor.

“We are monthly financial contributors and will be providing free IT support and maintenance,” she says. “We will also be sponsoring 10 kids for their Christmas campaign and are looking forward to sending several kids to camp through the HALOS summer camp program and partnering with HALOS to support special needs.”

This isn’t the first time Integrated Technology Services Inc. has sponsored an organization to help the surrounding community. The company also sponsors Eagle Harbor, The A21 Campaign, World Vision, Water Missions International and Changed Lives Ministry, according to Hladczuk.

Integrated Technology Services Inc.’s sponsorship of so many programs stems from its fundamental belief that its success should help to strengthen the community.

“We believe organizations like HALOS are so important. We want our success to contribute to their success so that our community can be strengthened,” Hladczuk says.

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