What Is Malware And How Can I Fix It?

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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Any computer is susceptible to the threat of malware. That also includes your smartphone, tablet, and anything else that relies on software. When your computer experiences problems caused by malware, most people hope the problem will solve itself, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Before we work on solving your computer problems, however, we need to understand malware.

What is it?

Malware is shorthand for “malicious software.” It’s a type of software that was designed by those trying to commit a cyber attack on your computer.

A cyber attack will be for one of many, many reasons. The most common reasons are: the cyber hacker wants to gain access to your sensitive information, or they want to cause damage to a computer. It differs from a virus because a virus is intended to move from computer to computer or network to network autonomously.

How can I tell if I’ve been infected with malware?

Tell-tale signs of a malware infestation are usually mild annoyances. You’ll experience basic computer issues, but these can quickly result in the need for computer services or computer repair.

These inconveniences? Your computer might run a little more slowly and take more time to load your files or apps. It can also result in annoying pop-ups or ads on your computer when you least expect it. One of the most annoying effects of all is your computer crashing or displaying a blue screen. There are always more, but if you notice your computer acting strangely, it’s likely because you’ve been infected with malware.

How does my computer become infected?

Your computer, smartphone, or tablet device could become infected due to a variety of reasons. Spam mail, clicking on pop-ups, visiting unregistered websites — these are all just some of the ways you can get infected with malware. Did you know around 25% of internet searches were made on mobile devices in 2012? No computer software is safe from the potential threat of malware.

How do I fix it?

If your computer has been infected with malware, the only way to ensure the malicious software is gone is by visiting an IT support specialist to fix your computer. Many sites also offer remote services and consultations online or over the phone. When your computer is in need of repair, call ITS Cares to solve your computer problems today.

Online Marketing Getting Stale? Here’s How To Diversify Your Strategy

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

online marketingHas your online marketing strategy gotten a little…stale? You’re not alone. Many small businesses across the United States have trouble diversifying their marketing strategy. The best digital marketing strategy, however, relies on a combination of different mediums and content.

Here’s the best way to diversify your online marketing.

Update your social media constantly

If you don’t have regularly scheduled social media updates, your business is likely to flounder. Focus on the most popular sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If your business focuses on B2B efforts, utilize LinkedIn to distribute your content and provide updates on your company’s advancement.

Additionally, engaging with your online followers is essential. Anyone who comments on your social media posts is essential for longterm engagement with your company. Nearly 47% of American Facebook users claim that the social networking site influences their purchases more than any other social site.

Create a blog

A great way to build your online marketing organically is through the use of blogs that utilize keywords and backlinks. Blogs will provide the user with pertinent information about your services and offer informational pieces that are likely to be shared among the user’s friends. By using keywords, your blog will get higher ratings on search engines.

Use surveys

If you’re stuck for new ideas, who better to speak with than the people you serve. Send out surveys to boost customer engagement and get the populace involved. It may reveal common themes that you need to correct or open the door for ideas you’ve never considered before. Getting this valuable data is essential to growing your business and establishing better customer relationships.

Share special offers and promotions

Your clients and customers won’t know you’re having a sale unless you tell them. Whether it’s by email, social media, or through your company’s home page, posting about any special events held by your company will generate consumer interest. Answer any questions quickly and effectively when you get a customer response. Generating excitement is a great way to get more people involved with your company.

Any new marketing strategy needs the proper IT services to ensure it’s running properly. Through cloud computing, data management, and the best source of information for IT compliance, contact ITS online or over the phone today.

3 Marketing Images Guaranteed To Stir Interest In Your Consumers

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

it security solutionsWe live in an age dominated by images: Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook have become image-based social platforms designed to catch the consumer’s attention. If you’re in the market for a new digital marketing strategy, try incorporating these marketing images into your online marketing.

1. Dogs
Amazon’s Prime Day bust wasn’t the only thing shoppers were talking about on July 16. Amazon’s error message when its servers crashed also featured a dog to placate the consumer. While shoppers were still angry, marketing ideas like this are designed to appeal to a wide range of people and draw in shoppers. Why do you think so many companies utilize a dog mascot when they don’t have anything to do with pets?

2. Memes
Gen Z, the most current generation, is obsessed with posting and sharing memes. These funny visuals paired with joking phrases and captions are designed to get a joke across to a large group of people quickly. Utilizing memes in your arsenal of marketing techniques can be a gamble for the inexperienced user, and timing is everything. Try contacting a marketing firm for tips and tricks regarding meme use for your online marketing.

3. Presentations
Though most slideshows on a homepage seem like clickbait, if a presentation is used correctly, it can be a great way to relay a lot of information to the consumer in a short amount of time. A beautifully designed presentation must be easy to read, visually appealing, and efficient; with this type of marketing, you want to relay information succinctly.

Try different strategies where you play with levels of humor and support. You want to draw your audience in, but remaining professional is key to maintaining your business’ image.

Photos and online visual have become popular in the marketing world because of their universality; anyone across the globe can become grabbed by a striking image. As your business grows from using these kinds of internet marketing strategies, relying on IT security solutions is essential to keeping your business safe. Nearly 87% of small businesses were impacted by a breach of internet security in 2012. New innovations in marketing technology and IT security solutions will enable your business to thrive.

What Is Network Security Management And How Does It Help Me?

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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Running a small business is a time-consuming task that is made even more difficult without the proper business IT support. If you want to protect your online assets, network security management might be an IT security solutions option for your company. Here are the ways network security management can aid your business.

What is network security management?
When your business hires an IT security and tech support company, your business is getting the best in online protection. From files stored in your cloud service providers to network management to attacks on your databases, network security management helps keep your information safe and your business running. After you hire an administrator, it is their duty to manage your data network, including any firewalls, from a single location.

What does network security management do for me?
Along with the extra time you will have to focus on your business, the IT security solutions supported by network security management will enforce global policies regarding security practices, protect your data, and generate regular reports for your business. Should you have any problems with your internet or network, it is the job of the management team to ensure your information stays safe and stored.

IT security solutions often include troubleshooting features and track for any threats of noncompliance within your company. It is the job of your IT support professional to adhere to the strict rules of IT compliance and make sure your company follows the correct protocol. A breach in IT compliance of HIPAA can lead to considerable fines reaching up to $50,000.

Types of attacks that can target your company
Millions of people use the internet each day and some of them might be out to target your business’ sensitive information. Your IT security solutions company will prevent attacks such as VLAN hopping, overflow, string attacks, phishing, and other forms of cyber-attack that happen each day against your online business.

When your business is targeted by a threat, either external or internal, it can seem impossible to manage your network on top of the other responsibilities you have. To prevent attacks from happening in the first place, it’s important you hire an IT company you can trust; for the best in IT security solutions, call ITS Cares or visit their website online to get more information today.

Types Of Keywords To Make Your Blog Boom

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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Your blog is essential to your small business’s digital marketing strategy, but you’re struggling to pick the right keywords. Any digital marketing company will tell you that without the right keywords, your SEO strategy is destined to fail. To boost your keyword rankings, consider these types of keywords to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Focus on your market
Many SEO experts recommend focusing only on niche product keywords and long-tail keywords. While those types of keywords are important to your overall strategy, you also need to include more general, broad keywords relevant to your industry. While these keywords are highly competitive and won’t likely get you a lot of internet traffic in a national SEO campaign, you can often rank on these keywords in local searches. Plus, these keywords are essential to defining your site to search engines.

Focus on your customers
First ask yourself this: what kind of audience am I trying to reach? A pet grooming company will want to advertise to pet owners, dog breeders, doggy daycare workers, etc. They’ll focus on these general groups of people before trying to branch out to other audiences. Think about your target customer when you’re generating keywords. For instance, a dentist shouldn’t just target keywords such as “cosmetic dentist near me,” but also more practical search terms such as “repair chipped tooth.” By reaching out to the groups that will need your service through keywords, you’ll be able to connect your business to more people.

Long tail keywords
Long tail keywords are those awkwardly long, highly specific phrases that are going to draw in some of your best search results. Ever see those awkward keywords like “IT consulting firm east end”? These are the phrases you can capitalize on. Though they’re awkward to fit in blogs naturally, they’re a necessity in boosting your keyword rankings. The specificity of the search will lead your client right to your website. These are the realistic searches that your clients are going to type, so having these long-tail keyword on your site or blog will draw more accurate search engine results. Regular content marketing on its own can generate up to a 2,000% boost in your internet blog traffic. Combined with the right long-tail keywords, you can also bring in visitors more likely to convert.

Geo-targeted keywords
This type of keyword usually goes hand in hand with long tail keywords. Tying in your industry-defining keywords with a location will help boost your rankings within your market. Let’s take the basic keyword, “plastic manufacturer”. When you type in plastic manufacturer, you’ll get a bunch of online options showing top plastic makers across the country. However, typing in “manufacturer Los Angeles” is more likely to generate local search results and a map pack. These local searches and keyword rankings give likely customers a much better chance of finding your business’s website.

Keywords can be tricky to fit into your website, but utilizing an online blog can help boost your keyword rankings and get your website more internet traffic. Understanding keyword basics are essential in developing a valuable online marketing strategy. For more information, consider contacting Integrated Technology Services for full-service IT support, including high-impact digital marketing.