The Benefits of Hiring an IT Repair Company

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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When something is wrong with your computer, it can be detrimental to your business. Here are the essential benefits that prove hiring an IT repair company is worth it.

They save you time
Hiring a professional computer repair technician will ensure your computer or network issue is fixed promptly. Not only will hiring a professional computer repair service guarantee the work is done right, you will get to focus on other tasks to ensure the other parts of your life run smoothly, whether that be personal relationships, or managing your business. Utilizing a professional gives you that extra time you would have spent working on your broken computer. The repair service will make sure your computer is given the utmost care and receives undivided attention to get your computer in working condition.

They have the right tools
Even if you’re computer savvy, it is unlikely you have every tool necessary to deal with the plethora of problems that comes with owning a computer. The best computer repair service has the right tool for any circumstance, from problems with your network to hardware issues to spills and falls. The computer repair service will be able to quickly diagnose the problem may even provide continuous business computer support after the problem is resolved.

They can back up your data
If your computer is irreparable, your computer tech support can backup any important data or files you may be at risk of losing. Try to download important information to an external hard drive as often as you can, but rely on the professionals when you need data that you cannot get on your own.

They have experience
While you might be used to working on computers at home or in the office, a computer repair service does this for a living. As such, they have the expertise to fix a problem and can offer you the necessary advice and tools for preventing similar problems in the first place. A support technician handles multiple problems by countless businesses and clients every day, giving them the expertise necessary for dealing with a variety of problems efficiently and effectively.

When nearly 23% of Facebook users visit their page upwards of five times per day, it’s essential to get — and keep — your computer working in top shape to reach your clients.

How Modern Digital Marketing Strategies Are Closing the Global Product Gap

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

seo companyWhen it comes to marketing strategy in this modern age, there are a number of avenues to explore. Before the internet became what it is today, marketing was relatively limited by physical barriers. Now, global corporations and small businesses alike are able to reach their customer base from anywhere in the world. Here’s how they’re doing it.

  1. SEO Services
    One of the leading marketing techniques that transcends borders is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using keyword integration, backlinks, and all of the other great SEO best practices, a great SEO company will work hard to get the leads your business needs. Inbound leads, such as SEO, are 61% less expensive than outbound leads. A top tier SEO company is essential for getting your brand in front of new customers.
  2. Email Marketing
    Email might seem a bit old school for the newer digital marketing professionals, but it is incredibly effective. It doesn’t matter where your prospective client is located so long as they have an email address. Getting customers worldwide is a big deal, and email can help you do it.
  3. Social Media Connectivity
    Social media is undoubtedly a great tool for getting new leads, but it’s also excellent for building a community around your brand. If you can get a large group of people to feel connected in some way, you are doing well not only as a company, but as people too.
  4. Charitable Outreach
    Tools like social media and email outreach make it easier to connect charities with the businesses who want to sponsor them. This mutually beneficial relationship can make a big difference in the public image of your firm and in the lives of those most helped by the charity in question.
  5. PPC
    Pay Per Click advertisements are everywhere online. The company that uses this strategy is charged for every click, but the ads are placed in very visible places like the top of Google. This can be expensive, but it is also capable of bringing in a huge number of new leads.

The digital marketing world is still growing. Since the potential scope of the internet is practically boundless, so too is the scope of digital marketing. If you want to grow your brand and connect with new customers worldwide, contact us today.

PPC or SEO? That Is the Question

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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When deciding on the what your business’s best digital marketing strategy should be, you need to consider the cost of leads. How much money will you need to spend in order to get each customer? Optimizing this is the first step toward success.

Pay Per Click
Any well rounded digital marketing campaign will include PPC advertisements using Google Adwords. The way it works is your company first chooses a few keywords for an ad to run on. Next, you design the ad. This involves crafting a title and short meta description that will hopefully catch potential customers’ attention. This ad will be shown as the number one result on Google for the keywords you selected. When this advertisement is up and running, each click on the link will cost your company a predetermined amount.

This might be worthwhile if you get enough conversions. If people buy your product after clicking this link, you will certainly see the rewards stack up. Still, there are a few issues. Since anyone can click on your ad, you will sometimes get traffic from people who clicked by accident. Other times you will get traffic from competitor companies who are clicking your link just to charge you money. Finally, an estimated 70-80% of search engine users fully ignore PPC or sponsored advertisements. If at least 70% of the market can’t be reached this way, why use it?

SEO Services
On the other hand, you could use SEO services to help your website get more organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization is the process of leveraging ranking factors like keyword density and backlink quality to make your website appear naturally higher in the search engine results page. If you can rank higher, more people will click your link.

This strategy is much less expensive in the long run, but it could also take a while to start seeing the results you want. SEO campaigns involve a lot of research and content production, making it labor intensive and a long-term pursuit.

Herein lies the reason most marketing firms pursue both tactics. PPC allows for short-term burst leads, while SEO takes its time to establish longevity. If you are interested in pursuing either of these options, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.

When You Should Reach Out to Your IT Consulting Company

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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There are so many new programs, new updates, and new devices rolling out that it can be hard to keep track. If you ever find yourself in a rut while trying to run your business and deal with a technology issue, reach out to an IT consulting company for assistance. Here’s when you should give them a call.

Issues with Your Data Backup System
Something that every business should be doing is backing up their data on a regular basis. If you choose not to do that, you’re risking losing everything saved on your computers. Even though technology has improved over the years, it can still be very glitchy. Those glitches could remove all of your data from your systems. If this happened to you, it’s time to call your IT consulting company. They can give you some tips for recovering your information. While they may not be able to help you get everything you lost back, they can potentially help retrieve some of it.

Your Security Has Been Breached
In a world where internet hackers can literally cause the Olympics to come to a halt, anything can happen to any business of any size. That doesn’t exclude small businesses. If you walked into work on Monday morning and noticed that your system had been the victim of hacking, reach out to your IT consulting company. They can look into where the hacking originated from, what information has been breached, and if any of it is retrievable. They can also help you do things to prevent this from happening in the future. At least 80% of all breaches are due to weak admin passwords. The IT provider can get you set up with a strong password and can even install new security programs.

You Don’t Have “The Cloud” Set Up
Where do you store your information? Is it kept right on your computer, an external hard drive, or is it in “The Cloud?” The cloud is a really simple and popular way to keep your information in one place. It frees up space on your hard drive and can be easily accessed by your IT Company. If you don’t have the feature set up, reach out to your IT consultant firm. The IT provider can help you transfer all of your files over to the system for safekeeping.

While technology is constantly improving, it’s important to remember that anything can happen. Work with an IT company and reach out to them if any of the above issues happens to you and your business.

7 Computer Services We Couldn’t Live Without

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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In the modern workplace, you would be hard-pressed to find a more important tool than the computer. This one invention has streamlined and optimized countless jobs, made innovation quick and easy, and has changed businesses on every level of employment. Because of this, we need many different computer support professionals. Here’s a computer services list that outlines the various jobs associated with computers in the 21st century.

  1. Tech Support
    If you have ever gotten a virus, tech support can solve your issues in a jiffy. Malware is just part of owning a computer, but untangling the mess that they create isn’t something that just anyone can do. That’s why there are specialists dedicated to fixing your technical difficulties.
  2. Digital Marketing Firms
    An estimate suggests that 82.6% of internet users rely on search engines. Many marketing agencies leverage this knowledge through Search Engine Optimization to get their website in front of as many eyes as possible. In fact, many marketing agencies solely focus on online marketing today, using computers to create their entire marketing strategy.
  3. Data Science
    Crunching numbers to form patterns that can predict buying patterns and other phenomena has never been easier. Using computers that can calculate highly complicated data, scientists are in many ways quite capable of predicting the future.
  4. Network Administrators
    These bright individuals figure out how to connect computers in a building to the same network. This can take place through WiFi or hard wiring but is tricky unless you have proper training.
  5. Cloud Service Providers
    Companies that provide cloud services are reducing data costs and lowering the barriers to entry for businesses worldwide.
  6. Graphic Designers
    Art used to take place on canvas with paint as the medium. Today, graphic designers are using software to replicate those results.
  7. Computer Repair Specialists
    Even computers break. They might be the most useful and sophisticated technology we have access to today, but what happens when they have a hardware malfunction? That’s where the repair specialists come into play.

There are entire industries based on computers. As one of the most important pieces of modern technology, many brilliant minds are continuing to develop their uses in the real world. The above list of computer related services barely even scratches the surface of the many different careers in computing.