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4 Common Tech Support Problems and Easy Solutions

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

tech supportDid you know that 60 billion emails are sent every day? That is, by any measure, many emails, but unfortunately, about 97% of them are spam. Many can contain viruses or malware or are phishing scams. This can cause a lot of problems for a business since many people will open an email without even looking at it first. Having a well-practiced tech support team can help mitigate some of the potential problems caused by suspicious emails. Having a top-notch business computer support team can help keep you safe from the following IT problems.

  1. Slow Computer
    This could be a malware infection. Downloading unknown files or running suspicious executable files can lead to malware being installed and causing many problems. A symptom of malware is a slow computer. On the other hand, you might simply have too many windows open. They might be running in the background without you realizing. Have tech support expert take a look just in case.
  2. USB Device Not Recognized
    Try it in a different USB port. Not working? The port might be broken. Try plugging it into a different computer. Still nothing? Your USB device is broken.
  3. Random Shutdown
    If your computer turned itself off for no reason, it’s likely that it overheated. Dust can get trapped in the fans and bog down the cooling system, causing the CPU to overheat. Let it cool down and boot back up later.
  4. Slow Internet
    Two of the most common sources of slow internet on your computer are spyware and viruses. These can be picked up from sketchy websites or random emails. To do a simple diagnosis, ask people in your office if their internet is running slow. If they say no, then a virus is more likely the case. Call an IT professional to get your computer fixed and your internet back up to speed.

If you need computer help with any of these problems or other digital troubles, call tech support now. It is important for any business to have an IT company they can trust and rely on, so call today and make sure your computers are safe.

Security Essentials For Digital Marketing Companies Cannot Be Ignored

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

digital marketingDigital marketing is a highly competitive field, especially considering security concerns found ever more frequently of late. Keeping your online business secure might be an afterthought for some, but malicious attacks are all too real of a phenomenon. Most people wrongly assume that external hacking forces are the primary sources of these attacks, but in fact, it is the opposite. Between 75% and 80% of attacks come from inside an organization. This places a level of often understated importance on ethical hacking services such as security auditing and penetration testing. If you want to test your IT infrastructure, business IT consulting might be a great place to start.

Why does security matter?
When you look at the equifax breach, you start to see the repercussions of lackluster cybersecurity. With 143 million identities hijacked, each person affected is now open to full-scale identity theft. Had this happened to your business, all proprietary information owned by your company could become public domain, resulting in a catastrophic financial backlash. It is worth the investment in testing your security protocol to ensure your information is safe. There are many business computer services that can assess your level of security and recommend changes for you to implement.

Online Security Essentials
Luckily there are a few preliminary steps you can take that will reduce your likelihood of being hacked. First, make sure you have a quality password. Using ‘guest’ or even ‘password’ to protect vital business or personal information is an unquestionably bad idea. In fact, if you think you are using a common password or one that others could guess, you should change it immediately.

Also, never use the same password for multiple accounts. It might be convenient, but if someone has access to one of your online accounts, they will have access to all of your accounts. Finally, don’t allow your web browser to save your password for you. This can expose you to the risks of online attacks, and to someone physically stealing your computer and simply logging on to your bank, your social media, and your company portal. Always proceed with caution for yourself and your digital marketing firm.

If you need assistance in assessing and upgrading your security, contact business IT support today. Treat your information like you would treat your assets: with extreme care.

3 Clever Inbound Marketing Strategies For The Digital Era

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

charleston internet marketingDid you know that inbound leads are 61% less expensive than outbound-generated leads? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an excellent example of this. The theory behind why leads like those generated from SEO are more effective has to do with how the customer comes to your product. When people search for something, they tend to view the top google results as more trustworthy. On top of that, they feel like they’ve found the product organically. So, what is the most effective digital marketing strategy used to generate inbound leads?

Best Digital Marketing Strategies
When looking for the best digital marketing firm, make sure they provide services for these highly effective strategies.

  1. Social Media Ads – This type of advertisement works especially well if you’ve developed a viral-worthy product. Fidget spinners were spread through sly social media ads, and when they gained traction they carried the hype without much more than shares and likes. Charleston internet marketing can teach you more about social media marketing skills.
  2. Loyalty Offers – It’s one thing to generate leads, but how do you build a loyal customer base? You keep them engaged with offers, something that holds value to them over time. Points programs that allow your customer to get a free small item as a reward for buying a lot of other items are surprisingly effective. Most major gas stations offer their own version of this concept with gas points. Another similar way a loyalty program can work is by offering exclusivity. Look at Amazon. The integration of prime into users lives has surely played a part in their successful online market dominance.
  3. Surveys – Sending out surveys to your mailing list, and posting the content on your site can be a great way to generate leads. People like feeling as if they are contributing to something, and if the questions your survey asks are relevant to your industry but don’t push your product, it might end up driving traffic your way. The best part is, even if you see minimal lead generation results from the survey itself, you will still have gathered valuable information on your target demographic. This information can be further used to advertise more effectively using other strategies.

These three inbound digital marketing strategies are just the tip of the iceberg. SEO and content marketing, in general, are both immensely valuable alongside email marketing and infographics. Charleston internet marketing is an excellent resource to find out more about the best inbound lead generating strategies. Whether you want help designing a survey, or need professional SEO services, Charleston internet marketing can provide these services and educate you along the way.

Business Security in the Cyber Age: 4 Steps To Keep Your Information Safe

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

it support specialist

Security breaches in the digital world have become an ever-increasing threat to both personal data and crucial company secrets. This is especially relevant after the recent Equifax hack, which saw 143 million Americans’ data exposed to the risk of identity theft. Once upon a time, storing your valuable information online was thought to be more secure than physical storage because of how common property theft had become. And online storage can be secure, but there are certain precautionary measures you and your business should take.

  1. Set strong passwords
    If your password is literally ‘password1234’, you almost definitely will be hacked. And it wouldn’t be a very difficult ‘hack’ either. Most people who want access to an account will try common passwords first. In fact, cyber security experts believe that up to 80% of security breaches are the result of a weak admin password. Any IT support specialist will tell you that if your password is easily guessable, it is not safe to use. Make sure that every administrator in your company knows how to choose strong passwords.
  2. Watch out for phishing scams
    Like fishing for bass on a calm lake, phishing involves a scammer sending out spam emails far and wide and then waiting for a bite. If you’ve ever gotten an unsolicited email that on first glance looks like it’s from a trusted service you use, and it gives you a link that takes you to a login page, that is likely a spear phishing scam. Often, employees of media companies, financial institutions, and healthcare companies are targeted with phishing emails, which contain links or email attachments with malware. Check the credentials of any URL or email address in your inbox, and teach your employees to do the same. If you’re unsure how, contact an IT consultant for further information
  3. Don’t tell anyone your passwords
    This should go without saying, but telling anybody, even a trusted friend, how to access your private company information is a recipe for disaster. Also, using one password for everything should be avoided like the plague no matter how convenient it is for employees in the moment. If you’ve told someone your password or you got phished, the person with information for this one account can now access all of your accounts.
  4. Use two factor authentication
    Known better by its shorthand, 2FA is an added layer of security that requires a second form of proof that you are who you say you are. This can be anything from a standard security question to a text sent to your verified phone number with a PIN that you use to complete your login. Most IT support specialists consider this essential for cyber security.

If you need assistance protecting your personal or company related information online but are unsure of how to proceed, an IT consulting company can help guide you through the process.

Simple Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business Grow

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is one of the most important things any company should be focusing on. It’s an essential part of business in today’s world — with both customers and competitors online, digital marketing is a way to establish your online reputation. While digital marketing is made up of countless different strategies, here are a few simple things to add into your digital marketing repertoire that will be sure to help any company grow.

Like many other aspects of business, it’s important to have a goal for your digital marketing strategy. Whether you want to establish dominance in your field or simply bring in new customers, setting an initial goal will allow you to track your progress and continuously make efforts in achieving said goal. Attempting to jump into the world of digital marketing with no plan is going to make being successful immensely more difficult.

Once you have your plan and goal ready to go, creating a marketing funnel is a crucial next step. A marketing funnel is a mapped out journal of a customer’s journey, from their first click to their last. A marketing funnel can be thought of in four sections. These sections include:

  1. Awareness: A potential customer becomes aware of your product or service because they’re looking for something they want or need. Once a customer is aware of your business, you’ll want to attract them by showing that you have whatever they’re looking for.
  2. Interest: At this point, the potential customer is expressing interest in your products or services. It’s a good idea to now supply them with further information.
  3. Desire: Now that they’ve learned more information about what they’re looking for, they’re found a product or service that they think will fit their needs. You’ll now want to tell them more about the specific product the potential customer is interested in.

By using things like call-to-actions and lead magnets, potential customers should be guided through your market funnel, hopefully turning into a lead.

Driving traffic to your website is another important aspect of digital marketing, as this is what ultimately powers your marketing funnel. There are a variety of ways companies can drive traffic to their websites, including having quality content, earning links from high authority websites, using important keywords in content, ensuring your website is optimized for Google, and being actively engaged on social media. Seeing as how each month, over 100 billion search engine inquiries are conducted, it’s important that your online pages show up in search engines.

One last thing you can do to ensure your digital marketing tactics work well: hire an IT company well versed in all aspects of business technology. Hiring an IT company can be beneficial to not only your digital marketing, but your business as a whole. Having to spend time fixing computer issues, dealing with slow internet, fixing your business’s website, and other computer services can take away time that you could be spending on your core business.

For all these reasons and more, implementing a strong digital marketing strategy is key to significant business growth. Without an online presence, your business will be unknown to millions of potential customers. As a small business, it’s a good idea to start small and work your way up to a larger online presence as you begin to understand more digital marketing tools.