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Make Sure Your Employees Avoid Making These 4 Common Computer Security Mistakes

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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Approximately nine out of every 1,000 computers are infected with some type of spam or virus. If any computer inside your office has been compromised, not only could you lose all your important data, you could end up finding yourself in some serious financial trouble.

Luckily, you can contact an IT support company and get in touch with experienced computer repair technicians to keep your network protected. Additionally, you should educate yourself and your employees on the various IT mistakes that are often made across U.S. businesses. Here are some common computer security mistakes to avoid:

  • Opening strange email attachments — Rather than opening attachments from just anyone, make sure you’re checking both the content of the email message and the sender. If you’re unsure about who sent it, simply search the email in Google to see if there have been spam reports associated with that account.
  • Using common security passwords — It’s incredibly easy to break into computers nowadays so it’s even more important to use a strong password. Additionally, using the same password for multiple or all of your accounts is a surefire way to welcome digital hackers. Consider using a password generator to keep hackers out of your accounts.
  • Clicking on questionable advertisements — Make sure you’re being very careful while surfing the web and are sure about every advertisement you click. Though the majority of advertisements are harmless, all it takes is one bad click to lead you to malware and ruin your network. Again, professionals working for an IT support company can help you identify what advertisements are dangerous, so give them a call if you’re unsure.
  • Maneuvering through the Deep Web — Office computers should be used for business use only and never for surfing the Deep Web. Doing so can almost guarantee some kind of problem across your network.

Make sure your employees are fully aware of these common digital security mistakes and avoid them at all costs. If you’re in need of a trusted IT services and want to speak with an experienced IT support company, give Integrated Technology Services a call today.

5 Principle Strategies SEO Services Employ

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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In an increasingly technical world, marketing is much more digital than it’s ever been. In fact, 39% of all retail customers come from inquiries to search engines. Though you can’t do too much to determine what potential customers search for, your business can certainly play a role in what they find. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO uses content marketing and other strategies geared toward getting Google to pay attention to your website. Here are some of the main online marketing techniques that SEO services employ.

  1. Keyword Research
    SEO starts here. Keyword research is the process of finding the words the possible customers are most likely to type when searching for a service or product you provide. Some keywords are harder to rank on than others, and research will reveal which search terms will have the best shot of returning high keyword rankings.
  2. Link Building
    When another website, especially a well known one, links to a page on your website, that tells Google that your site must be pretty important. Google’s algorithm will then give preference to your site for the keyword you want to rank on. The more high quality links your page gets, the more visible it becomes on Google’s results page.
  3. Content Marketing
    None of this is possible without content. In order to get links, you need to create something worth linking to. One of the main SEO services is content creation. Blog posts short and long, posted frequently, are a great way to generate traffic and improve rankings.
  4. Content Posting
    One of the more technical SEO services available is content posting. Professional SEO gurus will go to your website and post the content to your blog so you don’t need to learn how to do it.
  5. Onsite SEO
    While most optimizing happens off-site, having a landing page that is rich with well-written keywords is critical for establishing a strongly recognizable webpage. This is why SEO services almost always include landing page copywriting as part of their package.

In this new and relentless online marketing world, you cannot afford to miss out on the sheer volume of leads SEO can bring your company. Fortunately, you don’t need to be the most technically literate to have top-notch SEO services for your company. So get started today, and soon you will see the power of Search Engine Optimization.

3 Common Corporate Espionage Tactics For The 21st Century

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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In this fast-paced, computer-oriented business world, corporate spies and thieves are moving online. The good old days of having a hidden safe in the walls of your business to protect products or information are gone. Now securing your assets is about cybersecurity. The following are examples of common security breaching techniques that require constant vigilance.

  1. Next Gen Malware
    Malicious parties the world around use malware to infiltrate personal computers every day. Too many of these viruses, trojans, and spyware programs are able to bypass business network firewalls. Modern techniques exploit employees’ propensity for trusting websites they regularly use by placing the attack on these sites. Once the program is downloaded, it can either work in the background, extracting or corrupting files, or it can extort payment from the unaware employees. One way to combat this is through more thorough computer education. Another line of defense is using managed IT services from an IT consulting company to prevent the attacks from ever happening.
  2. Phishing Scams
    This tactic is as old as the internet itself, some versions even predating the world wide web. Today, phishing scams are sent in an email that looks like it came from a trusted website. When users click the link and are prompted to log in, their information is captured. Before they have time to reset their password, their account information will already be changed.

    One way to prevent this is by requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) for all accounts on your business network. Using managed IT services to create a company app that gives a code only employees in the building can access is a great backup for phishing attempts.

  3. Employee Theft
    Perhaps the most common security breach in corporations is employee theft. After quitting or being fired, 59% of employees steal proprietary information. Since they have access to business information every day, and accessing that information isn’t suspicious since they work there, employees can leave a job with more damaging information than many external threats will ever be able to access.

Proper cybersecurity is just as important, if not more important than physical security systems. Everything is online these days, and letting corporate information fall into the wrong hands could spell financial disaster. That’s why constant vigilance and managed IT consulting services are crucial for any business in the 21st century.