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Malware 101: Knowing The Different Kinds Of Computer Infections

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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When browsing the internet, it is always a good idea to be cautious. Every day roughly 60 billion emails are set, but a whopping 97% of them are spam. Sometimes clicking a spam link can lead to your computer becoming infected with malicious software, or malware. Malware is a very general term for things like viruses, spyware, and trojans, each of which attacks your computer in different ways, often resulting in necessary PC repairs. But what is malware?

A virus is a specific type of malware that hooks onto existing operating system functions, then duplicates. Viruses can slow down your computer, corrupt files, and spread easily to other computers in the network. Though an antivirus software might be able to track down and kill a virus in its tracks, some are too complicated. If this happens to you, computer repair services might be your best solution.

This type of malware ranges from passive and unintrusive to utterly diabolical. Spyware acts exactly how you would expect. It spies on your computer. Sometimes this means that it tracks and collects your browser data to sell to advertisers, while other times it can track every keystroke and mouse click. Really nasty spyware might even turn on your webcam without you ever knowing. Spooky, right?

A trojan, named after the mythological trojan horse military tactic, is a piece of software that you consented to download, under the pretext that it would be something desirable. Once downloaded, it proves to be something else entirely, often malicious in nature. Cleaning computers from trojans is one of the more common computer services for businesses.

This is one of the types of malware closely associated with trojans. Scareware looks and acts like a real download, but then comes with pop-ups that scare the user. For example, say you downloaded an antivirus software from a website. You open up the program and it appears to be an antivirus software. Then it tells you that your computer is massively infected and that you’ll need to pay a lot of money to fix the issue. Yikes.

The real issue at hand is that it can be quite difficult to uninstall all of these malware infections without advanced knowledge of PC repair and the required diagnostic tools. For this reason, many individuals use a computer repair company to keep their PC running strong.

A Laundry List of What IT Departments Actually do

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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With internet applications all but inseparable from running a successful business, every company needs an IT department. The problem is, many executives don’t really know this, and even the ones that do probably aren’t completely sure what IT departments actually do. Well, here it goes:

  • Running digital security is growing more important by the year. Recently 57% of small business have reported cyber breaches from staff members. IT services for businesses can help prevent this.
  • One of the most underestimated business computer services Charleston IT departments deliver is 24/7 monitoring and managing.
  • If some wires get crossed or an employee deletes important payroll documents before they were backed up, IT comes in and recovers the files and ensures proper backups are made.
  • IT professionals spend a lot of their time answering your questions. This keeps operations running without too much loss of productivity.
  • Cloud computing integration doesn’t happen magically. One of our top business computer services Charleston trusts is the seamless transition from company servers to the less expensive cloud. Moving the bulk of your company’s critical infrastructure from one location to the next without any glitches would stump everyone besides IT technicians.
  • Access control programming with passwords and usernames involves a lot of back-end infrastructure to run efficiently, and more importantly, without flaws.
  • Server operations are not exactly simple. IT technicians need to manage software updates on one side while maintaining vital temperatures for the hardware on the other.

Working in an IT department or as a consultant for essential business computer services is often very technical. That is why nearly every company in the world depends on tech teams to keep their offices running at full tilt. Without people running the various networks and task management systems, we would be far less productive. Would you be okay with switching back to paper for all of your documents?

From cloud integration to full security systems management, our team at Integrated Technology Services is unflinchingly prepared to tackle any IT issues thrown our way. If you want to find out for yourself, contact us today.

5 Signs Your Business Needs Professional IT Support

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

it supportWhether your business is based in technology or your computers are just a means to help you maintain efficiency, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into some issues sooner or later. And as your business grows, so too will those issues! In fact, there may come a time when you simply can’t handle your own computer support.

Here are a few signs that will tell you it’s time to call in the IT support specialists.

Productivity Is Suffering
Whenever a local computer repair issue pops up, it can be extremely tempting to just tackle the problem yourself. Unfortunately, tinkering with company computers can take time away from other essential job functions. When repairing your own computers comes at the cost of your business’s productivity, you have a problem.

You Rely On One Tech Person
What happens when your go-to techie is out of the office? You certainly don’t know how to get the job done, which means you may end up waiting until they’re back from vacation for a solution. This is an instance where IT services could come in extremely handy.

You’re Losing Money
In most businesses, time is money. And if you’re losing time because of IT issues, you’re losing money! In addition, asking one of your employees to tackle a computer issue may end up costing you more money than simply calling in your IT provider.

Security Issues Are Piling Up
Almost 87% of small businesses reported experiencing a data breach in 2012. And now it’s 2018! Just think about how much advancement the data hacking world has seen in the last six years. Your business could fall victim at any time, and unless you have the proper IT support, you could be in trouble.

You Don’t Understand Current Technology
It’s perfectly normal to have trouble keeping up with the technological times, but if you find that it’s hindering both your personal work and your business as a whole, it’s time to call for backup.

Hiring IT services to assist your business may sound strange at first, especially if the bulk of your work is already done using technology you’re familiar with. But in the interest of cost, safety, and time, calling in an IT specialist is the best move you can possibly make.

The 3 Most Common Circumstances That Require IT Services

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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If you run a successful business today, you will undoubtedly have some sort of computer network as part of your infrastructure. This could be as simple as a solitary website or as complicated as several interdepartmental task management and data storage systems. No matter what, you are eventually going to need IT services for businesses. One broken computer or a small hiccup in a server could derail your entire company for hours. That is, unless you have trained professionals on call for just such an emergency.

Most Common Problems That Require IT Services For Businesses
In order to avoid lost productivity and even possible catastrophe, business IT support is an essential overhead cost of running your company. Of course, the in-house IT department is quickly fading away, as most businesses find that outsourcing computer services is a much more cost effective model of IT support.

What kinds of scenarios require you to call your computer services support team? These are the most common problems IT professionals face concerning businesses.

  1. Cybersecurity Threats
    Both corporate and government cyber attacks are increasing in number and tenacity every year. In fact, the United States federal government, thought to be an incredibly secure establishment, has had a 680% increase in cybersecurity breaches in the last six years. Businesses with sensitive or valuable information need a team of IT professionals to ensure their data is secure.
  2. Lost Data
    Another way IT support can help is by recovering lost data and backing up the current network of data. If an employee deletes a top priority document and doesn’t have it saved in another location so that it can be restored, that could mean they have to redo the entire document from scratch. If, however, there are restorable backups of past versions, this isn’t a problem.
  3. Lack of Critical Infrastructure
    Many companies implement a cursory strategy for their digital network when they start out, then neglect it for years. Soon their company is much too big for their flimsy IT infrastructure, and it starts to run slow or collapses completely. IT professionals can help to revamp your network and increase its capabilities.

As a business owner, there are certain essential components that tend to get overlooked. This is more than understandable. That is the exact reason IT consulting companies exist: to help overburdened businesses get their network back on track. If you are having IT related problems like the ones described above, don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered with strategic solutions and services.