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4 Modern Ways To Keep Your Corporate Data Safe

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

business computer supportA growing concern in the digital business marketplace is cybersecurity. Keeping all of your business information online is fine and necessary most of the time, but when there’s a security breach, all of your best laid business plans can come tumbling down. That’s why you need business IT consulting and computer services to assist in building a cyber security protocol that will protect against these external actors. Here are a few ways IT support can help protect your corporate data from hackers.

  1. Stronger Passwords
    Misplaced or easily guessed passwords provide a serious weak point for any malicious actor to get through. One strategy that has taken off in some companies is having certain requirements for creating stronger passwords. These techniques can include special characters, numbers, capital letters, character count, and more. Not only is this a great company-wide solution to lost or stolen passwords, but it will protect your systems from computer programs that can crack simple passwords. In addition, ensure that your company’s most important passwords are changed regularly as a matter of company policy.
  2. 2FA
    For the cyber security paranoid, use two-factor authentication, (2FA) for short. There are several forms of two-factor authentication, but it requires a user to provide two forms of authentication in order to log in. In one popular form of 2FA, after a user enters a correct password, the system will send a text to the employee’s phone containing a one-time number password to log in.
  3. Terminated Employee Credentials
    If you didn’t already know, 59% of terminated employees steal corporate data before they leave. This can be dangerous for your company, especially if the employee is higher up the corporate food chain. That said, if you plan on firing an employee, you always have the option, through business computer support, to terminate their credentials prior to letting them go. If they quit, make sure to terminate their credentials immediately after they leave the office.
  4. ‘White Hat’ Hackers
    If you feel like your company is at risk for attacks from outside actors, white hat services can help you test your defense systems. White hat refers to ethical hackers operating within the law, some of whom make money by finding security flaws in a network by breaching it. Then, your company will know exactly where to reinforce security and no corporate data will be lost to bad actors in the future.

Business computer support is an important part of any online business. Being so deeply integrated with the web of connectivity that you are using to read these words, it is safe to assume that you value the security of your corporation’s data. To malicious actors, though, nothing is sacred. If you want more information on how to keep your business data safe, contact a business computer support team today.

4 Common Hardware Problems That Will Ruin Your Productivity

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

local computer repair

If you have a broken computer, it can be difficult to perform your job as expected. Worldwide, the two top internet activities are search engine use and email. These are both important to many people for work, and they obviously can’t be done with a broken computer. Local computer repair and other business computer services are integral to any well-oiled business, but for individual workers and freelancers, these services can be a lifeline.

Just in case you’re currently depending on an aging laptop or desktop computer for work, here are some typical hardware problems that computers run into as they age.

  1. Keyboard and Mouse Stop Working
    Though this can be a problem with the drivers, old computers have likely seen a lot of use. ‘A lot of use’ entails the keyboard and other accessories being plugged in and unplugged frequently. This can, over time, wear down the connection in the USB port. Having a new port installed is entirely possible at a local computer repair company. Also, don’t forget about the wear and tear that comes from constant daily use of these computer accessories. If you’re lucky, a new keyboard or mouse is all you need to get back online.
  2. Blue Screen Of Death
    If your computer turns off and then boots to a blue screen with white words all over it, the operating system has experienced a fatal error. This could be due to overheating, a dead hard drive, or any number of hardware malfunctions. In many cases, it means you need a new computer ASAP.
  3. Graphical Glitches
    If you are getting glitched out pixels, inverted colors, or incorrect displays of any kind, your graphics card is likely dead or dying. This could be the consequence of a burnt out fan in the graphics card or from the sheer age of the device. Replacing the graphics card should fix it under most circumstances. If you aren’t sure how to do this on your own, don’t risk the DIY solution. Contact actual computer repair technicians for professional assistance.
  4. Spontaneous Shutdown
    Spontaneous shutdowns might be a less severe version of a blue screen of death. In short, it doesn’t bode well. It could be that your fan has stopped working, or that it isn’t providing enough cooling power to sufficiently reduce the heat of the processors. If you continuously encounter spontaneous shutdowns, bring your PC or laptop in for computer maintenance.

If you are having any hardware problems with your computer at the office or at home, you will almost certainly see a drop in your productivity. Most of us don’t realize how much we depend on these tools until they slow down. But unlike issues that come from software malfunctions, hardware problems usually require an in-person assessment to fix. To resolve these problems, bring your computer into a local computer repair business to get you back on the right track.

5 Clear Signs of a Virus You Shouldn’t Ignore

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

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Needing computer help is more common than you think. Nine in 1,000 computers are bogged down by spam. This might not seem like that much, but when you weigh all the private information people store on their computers, not to mention how reliant Americans are on technology for banking, even one in a million computers hosting spam seems like too much. If any of the following symptoms seem familiar, talk to computer repair technicians to find the solution to your problems.

  1. Uncommanded Actions
    If your cursor starts moving about independently of your actions, or new tabs and windows start opening themselves, you’re probably infected with a virus derived from spam. If new programs start running on your computer and you don’t know how to stop them, it’s best to shut down your computer and call a computer repair service.
  2. Crashing
    If you’re computer crashes unexpectedly, it isn’t necessarily a virus. Sometimes computers overheat with excessive use while running too many programs. That said, if everything seems normal, and you don’t have any pending system updates, but your computer crashes, it’s best to call a professional to sort out the problem.
  3. Ads
    The internet is full of ads, and it’s annoying to everybody. Still, most ads are relatively harmless. If you start getting ads outside of your web browser, you might need computer support services.
  4. Unauthorised Sent Email
    If there are sent emails that you never authorized or drafted inside of your sent folder, you should change your password immediately. This is especially important for work emails, as there is a large network of computers at work that would all be placed at risk. Getting business computer support is crucial in this case.
  5. Toolbars
    One of the most obvious ways of knowing you have a virus or spam is by opening up your browser and finding two things changed. The first thing you’ll notice is a gigantic toolbar running parallel to your URL box. Then you’ll see that your homepage is something completely different. This type of virus can range from fairly benign to incredibly malicious. To avoid potential information theft, seek computer help immediately.

There’s no shame in admitting you are in need of computer help. When your computer is showing spam-like advertisements, programs, or activities, get it fixed immediately. If you need expert tech support help, contact us today with your issue. We’re more than happy to help.

There Is No ‘Best’ Internet Marketing Strategy, But These 3 Are Excellent

Written by Tiffiny Hladczuk. Posted in ITS Blog

best internet marketing strategy

When searching for the best internet marketing strategy, you will be inundated with recommendations on what you should do to make your company visible. There are many methods that people swear by at all costs. Sometimes they are absolutely right, their strategy is great, but is it the best? Reputable marketing firms won’t tell you that any single strategy is the ‘best’, but rather there are many effective approaches. The thing is, it is actually relatively easy to see what is effective in internet marketing.

The way to learn about the best internet marketing strategy or strategies is to simply pay attention to what is being done already. Here are some marketing methods you might’ve noticed while browsing the internet.

  1. Content
    Perhaps the first incredibly effective method of online marketing that you didn’t notice was content marketing. Blogs, much like this one, provide information. This is a service of sorts, but of course, there’s an angle here. Genuine experts in the field of internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization put out helpful and relevant content for prospective customers to consume. If the customer finds value in the content, they are then much more likely to buy the product. This type of marketing is everywhere, it can be difficult to detect, and since it is helpful for informing the customer, nobody will feel like they’ve been tricked into buying a bad product. Believe it or not, 95% of small businesses see blogging as an important marketing tool.
  2. Ads
    Advertisements used to be a bothersome thing that happened for three minutes at a time during your favorite TV show. They might have been annoying then, but at least you had an excuse to go make popcorn. Now though, ads are a completely different. A lot of research goes into finding the right ad to show the right person on the right website. Cookies keep track of what users do off-site, making audience targeting more efficient than ever.
  3. Email Sign-Up Requirements
    Building an email list is huge for internet marketing. It gives companies a way to contact the customer directly and keeps a stream of constant brand reinforcement flowing. Sites that use pop-ups to block the content you want to read might seem off-putting, but they can be effective in sourcing an email following.

Whatever you decide on your marketing strategy, don’t believe people who tell you that they have the ‘best internet marketing strategy’. They are trying to sell you something, and by doing that, they lose their objectivity. Sure, there are better strategies, but there isn’t one that beats out the rest. The key to digital growth is to diversify how you access customers and to provide them the information they need to pick you.